Feel before you go, with starget it’s possible!

Starget, your new way of discovering the most special places, points of interest and businesses in Porto!

Feel before you go, with starget it’s possible!

Starget uses short videos that capture what really goes on in a certain place or business, in a raw and unedited way, so you can feel its true essence.

In this initial version of starget, you can find a diverse sample of businesses, where to eat or have a drink, where to buy a special gift, where to feel a space full of local culture and much more!

Along the way, you can always visit a viewpoint with breathtaking views, visit a monument or pass by one of the city’s landmarks.

Starget has features that take you to the place you choose, allow you to share with someone the video that reflects the essence of that starget (social target), or follow any news by bookmarking it as favorite.

In the future, features will be developed that will improve the user’s experience and interaction and generate more value for starget’s businesses.

Feel the essence, with starget it’s possible!

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